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Students learn at their own pace

Our CAE Integrated learning systems allow individualized instruction, and let teachers prescribe individual learning paths for their students. Students can move at their own pace without fear of not measuring up to other students.

CAE Provides the learner with easy access to information - a wealth of information

Not only does the CAE product address subject learning (English Language, Mathematics, etc), it also immerses the student into the use of computer technology, the same technology we use globally to communicate, transfer information and bring efficiencies into our work environment.

CAE Provides support for learners challenged at solving complex problems.

This tool increase motivation and foster creative problem-solving skills as students evaluate the many possible ways to communicate ideas .

Quality, Equity and Access

Information technology and distance education technologies can bring important learning experiences to students in remote districts, where small student populations have made some courses economically impossible to offer.

Students must feel comfortable with the tools of the information age

By making technology a natural part of the process of teaching and learning, students become natural users of technology to solve problems and aid productivity.

The technology re-positions learners in the system to take an active role in the business of learning.

The CAE product

a) frees the dependency on a traditional student to teacher ratio for education delivery

b) removes the disadvantage that some students face when they are out of proximity to 'good teachers' and 'good schools'

c) has the potential to address the need for widening the educational space

d) costs less that the traditional approach

e) can be used repeatedly whenever the student is available



Our CAE software is designed primarily for students taking the GSAT and CSEC Examinations. For each subject included, it covers the entire course syllabus. The interest groups would include:

  • Students preparing to sit the examinations for the first time
  • Students seeking revision material
  • Students and parents seeking an alternative to 'extra' lessons
  • Schools as a teaching tool and medium. CAE ensures equitable teaching and the opportunity to repeat the process with ease
  • Adult interested in continuing education, seeking to learn the fundamentals of the particular subject area

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Students learn at their own space!


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