Company Profile


EPA Technologies Limited is a software development company specializing in producing Computer Assisted Educational (CAE) packages and systems to positively impact the processes of tutoring and learning within the education sector.

The company was founded by Elaine Peck and initially provided computer systems consultancy, software development and database management, as well as training in different facets of computer technology. Following the successful participation in various projects the company has, over the recent few years, directed its resources in the development of CAE products aimed primarily at the Jamaican and English-speaking Caribbean markets.

The range of services offered by EPA Technologies includes:

  • Software Development
  • Preparation of Educational Content for Electronic Learning
  • Design & Development of Virtual Learning Environment
  • Online Classrooms
  • Training in Information Technology
  • Interactive media and Computer Graphics

EPA Technologies has invested in research and development and has spent much time and effort to produce the software systems and procedures necessary to improve literacy and numeracy amongst all those who are ready to approach learning via this method.

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Collaborations with academic and private organizations and the use of local and regional expertise provide evidence of our team building capacities, and our structural flexibility in ongoing partnerships with other entities.

Our structure emphasizes a concentration of core functionaries incorporating high level technical skills on a project by project basis, to formulate and develop meaningful solutions for our clients.

The company also subscribes to the Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology which enables it to successfully manage large complex projects by setting and realizing user expectations within each developed iteration by producing workable increments of the application under development that have been effectively evaluated.

While we sometimes solicit expertise from other reputable consultants, all our contracts remain the sole responsibility of the company.

EPA Technologies, through its timely breakthrough and introduction of its Virtual Educator software application is well positioned to take advantage of project opportunities to translate the e-learning objectives into realizable outputs. Our CAE offerings and training capabilities will definitely enhance the schools' teaching methods, which will ultimately improve the success rates at the various levels within the primary and secondary schools.

EPA Technologies continues to contribute directly to the national economy with its local investment in software development and by expanding the knowledge base and intellectual stock of Jamaica while focusing on the creation of educational tools, and creating jobs for local and regional skilled individuals.

For our efforts and continued dedication to the improvements in education, EPA Technologies was recognized in 2008 with the prestigious Innovation Award In Science & Technology by the Scientific Research Council, for its continued high performance and contribution towards national quality and innovation in the area of education.